Lithium/LiFePO4 Battery – Power Buddy 24V/80AH-LFP

Price: 1250

Type: Lithium Battery
Normal voltage: DC25.6V
Capacity: 80AH
Full charge voltage: 29.2V
Size (mm): 521x238x1250
Nominal voltage: 25.6V
Peak discharge current: 140 AMP
Standard charge current: 10 AMP
Continuous output: 45A
Batterytype: Li-ION-LiFePO4
Casing protection: IP-65
In Parallel: 2 pieces
Can be used in series: No
Weight: 24 KG

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thumbnail of ER-Power Buddy 24V 80AH-LFP

First of all, our lithium battery is strong, of high quality, are super light, very compact and extra safe.

The universal Power Buddy 12V and 24V is currently the lightest, strongest and best that is for sale at the super light weight of 10kg. As a result it is so much better then the current average of automotive batteries.

Because of its size, compact size and power, the Power Buddy is ideal for caravans, whisper motor, lighting, electric motor and so on. door. Also we deliver the standard 6 AMP charger for the Power Buddy (special charger for Lithium). A suitable solution for every situation. Our lithium battery is safe through the IP-67 casing, so the Power Buddy is completely waterproof!

The Lithium-ION battery Power Buddy that Energy Research provides has a discharge of 95%, that means you can sail till there is still 5% power in it. You don’t have to worry to cause damage, because the Power Buddy turns automatically off when it has a discharge of 95%. Comparing to a Lead-Acid battery, the Lead-acid battery has a discharge of 50%. It does not automatically turn off, so if you pass the 50% discharge, it can cause damage of his lifetime. Also the lifetime of a Lithium Power Buddy is many times higher than that of a lead-acid battery. The Power Buddy has 500 cycles in a lifetime, the lead-acid has about 100 cycles.