A group of students from the High school of Amsterdam built a solar boat with our solar panels on top and participated at the Solar Boat Challenge in Monaco. The goal was to reach the top three in the endurance race with their self-built solar boat. The boat, on which six solar panels are mounted, can sail seventeen kilometers in sunny weather and ten kilometers per hour in cloudy weather. The solar panels charge a battery in the boat that supplies the propeller blades with energy. To create as much space as possible for solar panels on the boat, there is only room for one person in the boat.

First of all, a Solar Saloon boat is a splendid example of a traditional very attractive looking ship. That stems from the solar panels attached on the roof. The entire ship is supplied by electricity made from solar light. No extra arrangements that make big changes in a look of a ship. It’s original design is still intact while people can enjoy their boat ride in silence.
On this boat were installed 28 pieces of the ER-100 FM that generate 10Kw together per day from April to September.

saloon boat

A good example of elegance and design, is this Party Boat. It has 24 solar panels installed in the roof, providing 2400 watt per sun hour. Not only saving once again on fuel but also powering all the equipment on board in a super efficient way. The solar panels will continue to power as your party can go on uninterrupted.
On this boat were installed 24 pieces of the ER-100 FM that generate 8.4Kw together per day from April to September.

party boat

Event Boats are a clear example of the result of combining the technology of ERI FM solar panels. Yet the classic design and style of the boat were not changed. With one glance at the boat you can see how solar panels fit perfectly in the ship’s structure. It retained it’s nice look to be admired by all who look upon it.

On this boat were installed 12 pieces of the ER-100 FM that generate 4.2Kw together per day from April to September.

event boat

Our flexible solar panels are ideal to place in all types of boats. The panels are very light, can bend to an angle of 30°. An addition the panels can be easily adapted to any surface making their placement very viable. This allows you to enjoy greater energy independence in a sustainable manner. Its benefits will also be reflected in fuel saving in addition to budget saving.
On this boat we installed an ERI-120 FM that generates 420W a hour in sunlight on days from April to September.

sailing ship

Our solar panels for Sightseeing boats offers companies a smart way to differentiate their product. Making them more efficient and less of a harm to air quality by using a diesel motor for example. Making ships more attractive to tourists. As a result saving fuel to increase profits and help keeping the air of the city clean and healthy.
On this boat were installed 42 pieces of the ER-100 FM that generate 15Kw together per day from April to September.

sightseeing boat