Sailing through electricity

Purchasing our outboard motors that run on electricity is a very solid economical choice for helping out deteriorating eco-system. By purchase of, for example, a diesel or petrol outboard engine you keep harming it more and more. Not to mention that it is quite expensive as well. By electric sailing you save on one of the most important factors when sailing, namely fuel. Charger set

The motors that we sell offer an excellent solution for sailing, because the operating costs are low, require very little maintenance and are almost silent. All of this contributes to a higher standard of living. By applying our solution, it is also possible to prevent pollution of our air and water.


Electricity supply through solarpanels

Off-grid: Making and using an electricity supply

Our solar panels are suitable for generating energy on board for lighting and other equipment. You need certain equipment for an off-grid solar energy system.

Depending on your needs, we compile a set and determine the amount of solar panels you need. There are some important things that you will definitely need. To begin with, solar panels are an obvious first ingredient.

The exact dimensions and production possibilities of your individual solar panel series depend on the amount of available sunlight in your region, the available space on your boat or camper and your energy consumption.


Sailing on solar energy

Sailing on electricity from solar energy 

Due to all the developments concerning the environment, sailing on fuel is limited or even banned in many cities. That is why we offer a complete solution for electric sailing on solar energy.

By using our solar panels, specifically designed to, generate energy for electric outboards and charging batteries and store the energy you can endlessly enjoy electric sailing without charging point or ever refueling. Solar energy is one of the most eco-friendly sources of fuel you can find on this planet. Not to mention that there is so much of it that we could generate enough energy to supply entire cities. So why not start and see the result of it for yourself?