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Cost price petrol sailing VS electric sailing

*All prices are including VAT Petrol sailing Electric sailing
Petrol motor 4pk                            1125,- euro
Electric motor ER Delta                      410,- euro
Battery ER Power Buddy        786,- euro
Fueltank                                         40,- euro
Battery charger 100,- euro
Total                                    1165,- euro                                    1196,- euro
    Discount: 1089,- euro                                                                                                


Even after all the benefits of electric sailing it is still cheaper to sail electric with the set of Energy Research B.V.! Scroll down to see all the advantages of electric sailing:

Price gasoline saling VS price electric sailing
When you sail with an electro motor it will cost you about 0.21 euro per hour. When you are sailing with a petrol motor i twill cost you about 2,10 euro per hour. Electric sailing is 10 times cheaper than petrol sailing.

An electric motor has almost none maintenance needed. Unlike a gasoline engine, which has maintenance needed almost every year.

One of the biggest points that people might worry about in electric boating, is the range. With the lithium battery you can sail for hours without the conserning that the battery will stop (depending on the speed and size of the boat). You can see on the electric motor how many power remains in the lithium battery. So you don’t have to worry that your battery will stop unexpected.

Lithium battery
The lithium battery wich Energy Research provides is one of the most powerful lightweight lithium batteries on the market. The battery is charged in about 2 hours. The lithium battery has a discharge of 95%. This means that the battery can be used until there is 5% power left. This is in contrast to most batteries . A lead-acid battery, for example, has a discharge until 50%. Also the lifetime of the lithium battery is many times higher than other batteries. It has about 400/500 cycles in his lifetime.

Another advantage of electric boating is the weight. A 4HP petrol engine could weight 30 kg. Also the fueltank, depending on the capacity, could be heavy. The electric motor weights 11 kg and the lithium battery weights 10 kg. So it is easily to move.

No stains on your clothes
With an electric motor you don’t need fuel or oil. So when you are moving an electric motor you don’t have to worry about ol stains in your clothing.

Because the electric motor is (almost) soundless, you can enjoy the silence and peace of the nature.

The electric motor has zero emission. So there is no pollution at the environment.

No start cord needed
The electric motor has an automatic start, so yo don’t need a start cord or a start battery