Electric Outboard

When buying an electric outboard for your boat, you save on one of the most important factors, namely fuel. The electric outboards we sell offer an excellent solution for sailing, because the running costs are low, they need very low maintenance and are almost soundless. By applying our solution, it is possible to prevent contamination of our waters. It is also possible to completely sail on solar energy with the products that Energy Research supplies.

Benefits electric sailing

With our outboard motor, we want to combat pollution on public waters. Because the motor it completely environmentally friendly, you benefit from the advantages that this brings. This means that you are less affected by the loud noise we know from the versions that run on petrol or diesel. When more people use this, the traffic on the waters will be a lot quieter. This is only a small effect of the economical outboard motor. In our article about why you should step over to electro motors you will find yourself convinced quickly.

Thanks to the use of the solar panels, there is no question of the emission of petrol or diesel. The more we can prevent the use of these fuels, the better this is for the environment. Energy Research strives to bring more environmentally friendly products to the market. With these products we are well on our way. With all articles you get no less than two years warranty.

What do you need ?

A compact electric outboard that is silence with high efficiency, high torque, light weight, easy operation, low maintanence, low runningcost at an affordable price, we have made just the right electric outboard for you.

We currently have two Delta outboard engines in our program. A 12V – 850W system and a 24V – 1000 W system. Our Delta outboards are easy to mount on the transom and a perfect fit to a lot of smaller wessels.

Yes, you can find cheaper electric outboards on the market, if you want to. But do you really want to save a cent in the short run, and miss out of the advantages of our Delta outboards, that will provide you with more pleasure everytime you are on the water and save you money in the long run. Our high torque means, that you need a bigger engine size from a competing manufacturer to give the same power to the propeller. The high efficiency of our electric engines means, that you will either go further by the same availble battery capacity or you will discharge the battery less and thereby save money when recharging the batteries.

Do you only have a small space for your batteries, take a look of our Power Buddy Lithium batteries. Power Buddy batteries are compact in size, low in weight and brings you deep discharge. The deep discharge gives you the option of either a smaller neccessary battery bank compared to conventionel batteries or longer distance at the same size of battery bank.

Use our flexible solar panels to charge your batteries and you have an environmental friendly system, that prevent contamination to the very waters you sail.

Experience the world of electric motor power, providing you with silence and odourless power, so you can enjoy your next time on the water even more.

Our team wish you Happy Sailing.

Electric outboard