Flexible Solar Panels


We started our business producing solar panels and we still excel in producing high-end solar panels, that incorporates the latest technique to a demanding market.

Our panels are perfect for off-grid installations. For this you need a solar panel, a charge controller and a battery, all products we manufacture. The solar panel converts light into electricity, the charger controller optimizes the energy intake and is the safeguard to ensure you do not overcharge your batteries.

You can scale your solar system by connecting our panels in parallel and series to fit you need, whether you need a 12V, 24V, 36V or 48V solution. Our panels can be used in system up to a maximum voltage of 150V.

With an efficiency of 23,7%, the flexible solar panels from Energy Research provides the highest available efficiency on the market, bringing you more solar power per m2. In a price to efficiency comparison, you will find no match.

The materials used in our flexible panels are lightweight, but made in super strong materials, so it will not brake when bending. Therefore, our panels are ideal to mount in areas, where the surface is not even. Though most of our panels are used in the maritime sector, the possibilities are endless due to the flexibility of the panels, as they can easily be mounted at a wide range of surfaces.

As a special feature our flexible panels are made with an antislip layer, so you are able to walk on the panels without losing your foothold.

Our panels are IP68 grade, so complete waterproof, for a long lasting lifetime

For the most efficient off-grid setup, we recommend to use our Lithium batteries, as there is almost no internal resistance and you will not lose any of the charging capacity, as you can bulb charge the batteries until they are full. This gives you the highest overall efficiency of your solar panel setup.

For a less expensive installation we can provide Gel batteries.

Are you looking for inspiration – see our project section.


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