Lithium battery

Lithium-ion battery pack

What is so special about our lithium battery?

Are you looking for a high quality lithium battery, that is strong, compact, super light and safe, the Power Buddy lithium batteries from Energy Research are just right for you.

With a weight of only 9 kg the universal Power Buddy is easy to handle. The compact size make it easy to store and with a IP-67 casing the battery is completely waterproof.

The Power Buddy comes in a 12V and a 24V version, suitable for among other outboard boat engines, caravans, whisper motors and lightning.

The internal BMS ensures a safe usage of the battery. The BMS is programmed to allow a discharge of 95%, far exceeding the discharge possibilities of AGM and Gell batteries.

The BMS ensures that you cannot damage the battery by over discharging and thereby risk to reduce the life span of the battery, which is common for normal automotive batteries.

With 500 cycles at a discharge at 95%, the Power Buddy will provide you with pleanty of power for many hours. Is one battery not enough for your power needs, you can put 3 batteries in parallel for even more hours of availible power.

Our intelligent chargers, make charging quick and easy.

All this at an affordable price, the choice is obvious.

Frequently asked questions | Lithium Battery

How long can I sail with an electric motor

One of the biggest question points at electric sailing is how long you can i sail with an electric motor. This depends on a few points:

– The number of watt that the battery supplies
– The type of battery, think of a Lithium or lead-acid
– The sail speed
– The number of amps that the electric motor uses
– The weight of the boat
– Are you using solar panels or not
This is the link to our calculator, you can calculate here how long you can sail with your boat.

Why is the purchase price of a lead-acid cheaper than a Lithium battery?

The purchase price of a lead-acid may be lower than price of a lithium battery, but the ability and the technical lifetime of a lithium battery is many times higher and more efficient than that of a lead-acid. A Lithium delivers 8 times more Watts in his total life than a lead-acid. Because the lithium also lasts many times longer, this is also an environmentally conscious choice. Just look at this schedule below:

Lead-acid ER lithium
Price ex. BTW 146,34 euro 650,- euro
Power 12V, 105AH 12V, 80AH
Discharge 45% 90%
Usable power fully charged
12.7x105x0.45 = 600W 12.6x80x0.90 = 907W
Number of cycles 100 500
Watt per lifetime 60.000W 453.600W
Weight 26,5kg 7kg
Weight per usable power 23W per kg 130W per kg
Power per euro(W per lifetime/price) 410W per euro 736W per euro
Measurement  0.0139m3 0.0057m3
Power per 0.001m3 43W 168W

ER Lithium battery

Till what point can I empty a battery?

This depends on the battery. The ER Power Buddy that Energy Research provides has a discharge of 95%, this means you can sail until there is only 5% power left. This contrasts with lead-acid, that only has 45% discharge, so that you can use it till 55% power is left. The ER Power Buddy that Energy Research provides, turns off automatically when there are only 5% power left, so you don’t have to worry to cause damage, a lead-acid will not.


How safe is a battery?

The ER Power Buddy, that Energy Research produces are very safe and waterresistance. However, we recommend you to keep it in a dry place.


How many amps/power has a battery?

The ER Power Buddy from Energy Research is rated at 12 volts – 80AH. It has a discharge of 95%, this means that you can sail it empty until there is only 5% power left. The number of Watts that a full battery can deliver is 912W. The calculation for this is V * AH * discharge (12.6 x 80 x 0.95 = 957W). This is also shown at the table above.


How can I charge my battery the best?

We recommend you to charge the battery with the included battery charger. The charger that Energy Research provides is a smart charger that you only have to put in the power socket. When the ER Power Buddy is full, this automatically goes off, so you don’t have to worry that this damages the ER Power Buddy. Other batteries may be different, depending on what type of battery and the charger.


How do I know when my battery is empty?

When the ER Power Buddy of Energy Research has only 5% power, this automatically turns off. So you don’t have to worry that you will cause damage. On the electric motor that Energy Research provides you can see how many watts it still can deliver.


How can I extend the life of my battery?

The ER Power Buddy that Energy Research provides is from good quality and already has a very long lifetime. Well can I tell you what would be wise to not do to shorten his lifetime. When its winter when you are not using your boat, it is important to charge it fully till its charged. Then you should take it inside. A longer time in a cold environment can shorten the lifetime.